Delicious, Sweet, Without Wheat: Introducing Breadfast Gluten-Free Bakeries
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Delicious, Sweet, Without Wheat: Introducing Breadfast Gluten-Free Bakeries

Finding allergy-friendly bakeries in Cairo is a struggle only people with gluten allergies, indigestion, and celiac disease will understand. On one hand, there is no escape to eating something you’re allergic to, and on the other, finding bakeries that are both delicious and allergy-friendly is like finding a needle in a haystack. We’re here to tell you that you no longer have to compromise taste over health, because Breadfast’s long-awaited gluten-free line offers bakeries that are delicious, sweet, and without wheat! Here are some benefits you will only find in Breadfast’s gluten-free bakeries.  

  1. 100% gluten-free

Gluten is a protein which can cause severe abdominal pain, bloating, and intestinal problems for people allergic to it. Breadfast bakeries are 100% gluten-free – that means no wheat, barley, rye or semolina. Our gluten-free line is completely safe to eat, especially for people with gluten and celiac disease.

  1. Help with digestion

Breadfast’s bakeries are rich in fiber which helps promote regular bowel movements, healthy gut microbiota, aids with digestion, and gives you more energy throughout the day.

  1. Delicious variety

Breadfast’s gluten-free line includes baguette bread, toast, English cake, brownies, chocolate, and vanilla muffin. Now anyone with wheat or gluten allergy can indulge in fresh, tasty and guiltless bakeries, without experiencing acute abdominal pain.

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Disclaimer: To adopt a gluten-free regimen, whether a dietary preference or to prevent allergies, we advise you to avoid the following foods – unless they’re labeled as gluten-free: bread, cakes, pasta, candies, cereals, processed meats, crackers, gravies, salad dressings, sauces, bouillon cubes, and French fries. We encourage you to read food labels so that you can easily identify gluten and avoid consuming it.

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