Financial Analyst

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The main role of a Financial Analyst is to analyze data to identify opportunities or evaluate outcomes for business decisions or investment recommendations


Job Description

  • Retrieve data about operational expenses; make a budget for daily procedures.
  • Determine the company’s financial viability using information about profit projections alongside of real revenue collected.
  • Create or adjust company budgetary procedures in order to maintain organizational functionality; make recommendations regarding cost saving measures to help the bottom line.
  • Look for fiscal trends within the organization or industry; analyze organizational performance related to trends; discuss possible outcomes or changes to take advantage of current economic climate within the field of the business.
  • Balance company financial data sheets, accounting for and investigating all discrepancies.
  • Detail all financial transactions and expenses within an internal database system; work to ensure optimal accuracy; support database usage by all appropriate personnel in order to provide a real-time picture of all monetary issues within the company.
  • Provide suggestions about future business ventures using information about the company’s financials; make recommendations as to whether or not certain actions can support increased profitability.
  • Streamline company task completion to ensure a more effective use of financial resources and higher productivity; look for ways to make things run more efficiently using lower costs.
  • Secure all information and details about the company’s fiscal performance, keeping all sensitive data confidential.
  • Develop any new knowledge, skills, certifications or licenses that are needed in order to continue to have expertise in financial analysis.
  • Work alongside of team of employees to support common company budgetary goals.


Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance or any other related field
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience analyzing financial information
  • Knowledge of budgetary and accounting software and tools
  • Highly skilled in multi-tasking and keeping organized
  • Capacity to meet different deadlines and manage various tasks
  • Outstanding analytical and communication skills


Apply Now

Please apply now by sending your updated CV to [email protected], mentioning the job title “Financial Analyst” in the email subject.


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