Coronavirus: Keep calm and stay indoors
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Coronavirus: Keep calm and stay indoors

The new trend these days isn’t the new hit single, or Cairo traffic, or the new Lebanese restaurant in town. And unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you’ve probably been talking about the c-word too: Coronavirus. According to the WHO, the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious respiratory disease. In the past few weeks, it has forced the world into taking unforseen measures to curb the spread.

Why so serious?

Most people who have coronavirus only have mild symptoms (dry cough, fever, and sore throat). However, the virus is a far more serious threat for older people, and people with underlying medical problems (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, or cancer.) It can be difficult to tell who has the virus or not, since up to 25% of those infected don’t have any symptoms at all. As these people go about their day, they unknowingly spread the germs to others, including those who have lower immune systems.

At the moment, the death rate among confirmed cases of the coronavirus is somewhere between 2% – 4%. For a global population of almost 8 billion, these numbers are not to be taken lightly. You may have of a movement to #flattenthecurve, which involves practicing social distancing and proper hygiene habits. This is the best way to prevent further spread of the virus, and to protect our healthcare systems from collapsing. 

How is the virus spread?

The coronavirus is transmitted through droplets (when an infected person coughs or sneezes). When someone else touches the surface where the droplets land on, and touch their face, they can easily become infected. It is also possible to contract the disease if an infected person coughs or sneezes on you, or if you breathe in the droplets. The virus can survive on surfaces like elevator buttons, door handles, mobile phones, money, and handrails, which is why health experts and the World Health Organization (WHO) are stressing the importance of frequently washing your hands with soap and water.

How to prevent yourself and others from getting sick

Staying and working from home is the #1 strategy for preventing yourself and others from contracting coronavirus. Social distancing reduces the risk of you infecting others, becoming sick, and straining healthcare systems. Avoid large social gatherings and order takeout or groceries if possible, instead of going out to the grocery stores. Frequently washing your hands will also prevent you from becoming infected. Viruses are held together by an oily membrane. When you wash your hands properly, the soap breaks apart the molecular structure of the virus, destroying it. The second best option is to use an alcohol-based rub of 70% or more. 

You can boost your immune system by maintaining a balanced diet, getting enough rest, exercising, not smoking, and taking immune system boosters (such as Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C, B complex, and Echinacea). However, no research supports the use of supplements specifically to prevent COVID-19, as supplements cannot cure or prevent the disease. Your best bet, according to health experts, is to practice social distancing and proper hygiene habits.

What is Breadfast doing about it? 

At Breadfast, your health and safety is our number one priority. We are taking extreme protective measures against the outbreak of COVID-19. In addition to adding hand sanitizers, tissues, and masks; we are stocked with new grocery products to help you stay home. Instead of paying with cash, we encourage you to pay with your credit card to avoid person to person contact. You also have the option of instructing your Delivery Associate to leave your order on the doorstep instead of ringing the doorbell. Our Delivery Associates are all wearing masks and using hand sanitizers before and after each delivery, in accordance to health professionals’ instructions. Disinfecting the hands directly is better than risking improper use of gloves. Within our factory, Breadfast chefs and staff are following rigorous cleaning measures under strict supervision. 

We know it can be a strange and uncertain time, but by working together we can ensure the safety of each other. This too, shall pass. Keep calm, stay indoors (as much as you can,) stay informed, and most importantly, stay safe! 

For more information and resources about the Coronavirus, please visit the World Health Organization



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