5 School-Inspired Tips For Your First Day at Work

5 School-Inspired Tips For Your First Day at Work

The first day at a new job always triggers a mix of emotions similar to the ones we experience at the start of a new school year. In a way, a new office, new colleagues, and a new manager is a lot like a new classroom, new classmates, and new professors.

Between feeling excited about starting a new chapter in your career and feeling anxious about what the new job will unfold; here are some school-inspired tips to help you become better equipped for your first day on the job.

1- Bring work supplies

One of the main things that used to excite us about getting back to school was the new school supplies. The first day on the job may not include superhero notebooks, colorful sharpies, or fruit-shaped erasers; but having some stationery essentials is vital to keep you prepared for the long work day ahead.

Before you start a new job, make sure you get stationery supplies that could excite you about work and help you be productive from the get-go. Think a few colored pens and pencils, a calendar to help you schedule meetings and set your priorities, a cool notebook or a notepad that has some fun designs or inspirational quotes. Make sure you also bring your identification and hiring documents in case you need them during your onboarding or orientation process.

2- Connect with your team on lunch breaks 

Being the new kid on the block is never easy. Meeting new coworkers, familiarizing yourself with new surroundings, and a new office culture feels much like moving to a new school. Lunch breaks are an excellent social activity for you to casually sit down with your colleagues, get to know them, strike up conversations that help you connect and get to know your company.

3- Establish a home office space

As a child, you used to have a good old homework station or a study corner. When the pandemic forced us to work from home, many of us set up a designated office space to help us stay productive and focused. Setting up a dedicated workspace at the office or at home with accessible internet and a comfortable chair helps you hold online meetings, do work calls, or finish urgent tasks without any distractions.

4- Arrive on time

Do you remember the rushed mornings out of the door to reach school on time on your first day? Getting out of the door on time for your new job sets you up for a great first impression. Create a routine for yourself much like that of a school night where you go to bed early, steer clear of screens, and cut down on caffeine so you are well-rested and ready to tackle the day.

5- Dress to impress

Back in the day, school uniforms weren’t fashionable and had little to no room for changes. Choose outfits that look professional, suit the work environment you’re working at and fit your personal style and comfort. When you look good, you will feel good.

Be it a new job or a new school year, new beginnings are exhilarating and a little bit stressful. When it comes to starting a new job, rule of thumb is to take it one at a time. Give yourself the chance to absorb all the information you’re being told and request meetings whenever a task seems ambiguous or unclear. Check out this article for additional tips on how to survive your first month at work.

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