Breadfast Chocolates Capture The Taste of Joy with Every Bite
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Breadfast Chocolates Capture The Taste of Joy with Every Bite

Chocolate brings joy to the world. The decadent treat loved by millions around the world not only has a heavenly taste, but also contains mood-boosting properties that could take all your blues away. Ever wondered what goes into making a perfect bar of chocolate? In this piece, we’re taking you on a stroll to discover how chocolate is made. We’ll also be introducing one of our favorite products to date; Breadfast’s brand-new Chocolate chocolates.

From Beans to Bars

Turning cocoa beans into a chocolate bar is a five-step process. The first step is picking high-quality cocoa beans that look consistent, have a rich cocoa aroma, and have an average of 7% moisture content – to avoid mold and bacteria from growing.

The second stage is the roasting phase. This is where the amino acids and natural sugars of the beans are turned to flavor compounds, bringing out the chocolate aroma and the flavor of the beans. The third step is called cracking and winnowing where the beans’ shells are cracked and separated to get the cocoa nibs inside the shells. The nibs are then grinded to produce cocoa butter.

Then comes the conching stage, which primarily involves rolling, kneading, heating, and aerating the cocoa beans along with cocoa butter, sugar, and milk to produce a consistent, and pure bar of chocolate. The final and most important step is called tempering, where the chocolate is melted then cooled down, giving the chocolate a shiny glossy look and a firm texture that perfectly snaps when it breaks. Good quality chocolate must have a free-from-blemish, glossy surface.

A sneak peak into Breadfast’s new Chocolates

Breadfast’s chocolate production undergoes a rigorous testing process where the size, texture, and flavors are inspected, making sure that the final chocolate bar has a spot-on texture, flavor, and aroma. We also test whether the flavors gradually build in intensity and have a smooth aftertaste that lingers on.

“A chocolate that gives you the real flavor of cocoa, the bitterness of dark chocolate, the milk taste in the milk chocolate, and the roasted taste of the nuts and leaves a lasting flavor in your mouth after it melts, is what quality chocolate is all about,” said Noura Rahif, Breadfast’s Private Label Manager.

Smooth, delicious, and made up of 100% natural cocoa, Breadfast Chocolates has no additives or compound chocolate and is the perfect sweet treat to have anytime during the day. Breadfast brand-new chocolates come in three sizes Premium (75g) and Value (35g and 75g). Made up of natural high-quality cocoa beans, our chocolates are the perfect ingredient to melt and add to your next baking project or drizzle over your pancakes. Breadfast chocolate range includes creamy milk chocolate, scrumptious hazelnut, and velvety smooth dark chocolate. Premium chocolate is made of pure Belgian chocolate, while the value chocolate is made of high-quality local cocoa beans.

Keep your eyes peeled as we’re about to launch exciting new additions to our chocolate collection. For all dark chocolate lovers, a darker chocolate flavor with higher cocoa content and tasty bitter notes will be released soon. More flavors like oreo, Lotus, and caramel are coming your way, promising to take your entire chocolate fiesta to a whole new level. Our chocolates are available a few clicks away. Order here and enjoy the mouthwatering flavors of Breadfast chocolates.

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