Craving Kahk? Here Are 4 Interesting Facts about Kahk El Eid that Will Blow Your Mind
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Craving Kahk? Here Are 4 Interesting Facts about Kahk El Eid that Will Blow Your Mind

From kneading, shaping, and baking, kahk has evolved so much over time. But we can all agree that nothing tops the taste of smooth, crumbly, and homemade kahk. You might think that you know all about those sugar-coated droplets of heaven, but think again. In this Eid edition, we bring you special offers and fun facts about kahk that will blow your mind!

1. Kahk is originally Ancient Egyptian

Kahk was baked in Ancient Egypt as an offering to the high priests during religious holidays. Pharaonic kahk was stuffed with dates and figs and embellished with sun rays, and images of Aten, the sun god. The designs embellished on the kahk resembled rays of the sun.

2. Kahk was stuffed with gold 

In the 10th century, and during the Ikhshidid dynasty, kahk was shaped into crescents and carved with Arabic calligraphy. Palace kitchens made special kahk stuffed with gold coins and distributed it to the poor during religious events.

3. Kahk has many aliases around the world   

Kahk carries different names around the world: snowball cookies in the US, tea cakes in Russia, wedding cakes in Mexico, and kourambiedes in Greece. In the US, kahk is widely popular around Christmas time.

4. Monkash is kahk’s all-time companion  

Kahk has changed in shapes and stuffing over time, but there’s one item that stood the test of time. The traditional monkash (metal tongs), that was long used to carve shapes and drawings on the kahk, is popular in Egyptian households who still use it to produce beautiful artsy designs on their kahk pieces.

Introducing Breadfast scrumptions kahk 

With a fabulously smooth crumb that melts in your mouth and tasty fillings, Breadfast’s kahk  will take you back to the wholesome good old days with its delicious homemade taste! Breadfast kahk collection includes kahk with nuts, dates, agameya, or turkish delights, and comes wrapped in festive and colorful tin boxes. Choose between plain kahk box or opt for a mixed box with plain kahk, stuffed kahk, petit fours, and nashader biscuits for an exceptional feast to your taste buds.

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