Lighting Lanterns of Goodness
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Lighting Lanterns of Goodness

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, we all recall the good deeds we’ve planned to do but we weren’t lucky enough to have them all done. And, what’s a better time of the year than Ramadan to multiply these good acts and help people in need whether across our neighborhood or through an entity that serves a certain cause. Another act of kindness that is no less than giving to charity is gifting!

All year long we have so much to finish on our to-do lists, and we’re running all the time to get everything done; running errands, arriving early at work, getting kids from school, attending courses, and the list goes on, then comes a time where the tiniest extra thing just gets us bursting, as if it’s the straw the broke the camel’s back! For this, a little gift shall make a big difference, especially if it’s a surprise!

So, here’s how you can start! On Breadfast’s app, as you shop your groceries you can send your mom, best friend, or neighbor a surprise delivery from a wide variety of items that will double their happiness in the holy month, and without having to queue, look for a parking lot, or even go out!

1- Qamar El Din, Flavored Sobia, and Hibiscus 

Ramadan special drinks are an essential part of every iftar, and a collection of qamar el din, sobia with chocolate, sobia with mango, hibiscus and more is always a good idea for gifting.

2- Yamish, nuts, and dried fruits

Thinking of a Ramadanish snack? Dried fruits and nuts are a perfect match, especially if your friends are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and are looking for a nutritional snack before their workout. Mix & match the nuts and fruits of your choice through a large variety on the app that are raw, roasted, plain, or with added spices. This one will thrill their taste buds.

3- Basbousa & Konafa

It’s an old warm ritual to gift neighbors a plate of what you’ve prepared for dessert. You can either bake it yourself or get it ready from Breadfast and have it delivered to their doorstep. This year Breadfast offers its very own creations of oriental x western desserts: Konafa Millefeuille and Profiterole Basbousa; the exclusive desserts everyone’s excited about tasting since the beginning of the month. Also, Ramadan originals are on the app, offering  plain and hazelnut basbousa, konafa asawer with generous fillings of lotus as well as nutella, konafa with cream, and heavenly om ali! We’re craving them already…


4- Frozen Foods

Surprise your mom or mother-in-law with a variety of frozen foods and read-to-eat meals; they’ll love you for this! No one says “No” to a day off from the kitchen’s daily hassle. You’ll find on the app a dazzling range of sambousak, mozzarella sticks, spring rolls, chicken strips, hawawshi, shawerma, mombar and much more by Really Good. This variety of appetizers and meals just need to be heated and they’re ready. 

5- Eid Kahk

This is another sentimental gift that you can send your loved ones. Sending your warm greetings through a box of kahk, ghorayeba, or biscuits is a classic way of sharing love and happy moments. Also, because we know life sometimes takes us away from our family, we wanted to make it possible to still share Eid rituals even if we’re distant. If you’re living abroad, you can use your foreign number to download Breadfast and send your family or close friends a delivery to their doorstep!

Sending a gift and expressing your gratitude can’t be easier, right? Just make sure as you place the order that when you choose the “I’m sending it as a gift” option you’ll have to pay using your card. Also, change your address to the address you want to send to, and rest assured that we won’t be sending any price details to the recipient.

Ramadan Kareem!


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