Quick and Tasty Baladi Bread Pizza Recipe

Quick and Tasty Baladi Bread Pizza Recipe

Baladi Bread is an essential component in every Egyptian household. This wholesome bread, made of whole wheat flour, can literally go with all your meals anytime during the day. Think of it next to a delicious plate of foul, garnishing a warm platter of traditional fattah, or dipped in creamy white feta cheese. But there’s more potential to our good old flat bread than being a sidekick that complements a dish.

We’re about to show you that baladi bread can be just the star of the meal. A light and mouthwatering dish that’s guaranteed to win the hearts of all the family, check out this pizza recipe made with Breadfast baladi bread

Breadfast Baladi Bread – one loaf per person
Tomato Paste
Cheese grated (roumi, cheddar, mozzarella or any type available in your house)

Cut the baladi bread in half to get 2 separate layers, then put the bottom layer on top of the upper layer of the bread to form a thicker base for the pizza ingredients. Spread your tomato paste and generously add some grated cheese on your base. Cut the tomato into small pieces and spread over the cheese. Add some green peppers, onions, and olives to complement the flavors. Finally, put the bread in the microwave or in a preheated oven for 5 minutes to get a luscious crust with melted cheese on top, et voilà! Quick and tasty meal in no more than 10 minutes! You can order all the above ingredients from Breadfast.

Breadfast special tip: For a nice herbal flavor, add some fresh basil leaves or oregano to your tomato paste.

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