Running The World… Everyday!

Running The World… Everyday!

In our lives everyday and around the clock there’s a woman who despite the freezing cold, the sleep she didn’t get enough of, or her head that has rising voices telling her to stay today, give in and not fight, she still rises to her feet and decides it’s a new day to add a brick of her own! In this article we’re going to shed light on these ladies whose efforts are building the world, and we believe you know one of them!

In a world that is fast-paced like today, with an infinite number of decisions to make, fierce competition, countless distractions and barriers, there’s always a valid excuse to give in or at least postpone a plan. Nevertheless, there are many women who if we say “run the world” we won’t be exaggerating. 

Every housewife needs what keeps her kitchen working by providing fresh foods and pantry items for her recipes, and groceries for her weekly shopping. What if there is a way to go shopping without having to carry all these heavy items, or go looking for a parking spot, or waiting in the queue! This is where Breadfast comes for the rescue by delivering fresh bakeries, detergents, and everything to your doorstep in minutes while providing different offers and discounts all year long.

At Work a typical day is made of back to back meetings that need a special caffeinated boost, and at the same time the schedule is not usually flexible enough for a short walk to the coffee shop. This is when Breadfast steps in and delivers your favorite coffee drink, along with a freshly baked goodie; savory or sweet. Not just that, if you’re craving chocolate to boost your mood or want to munch on some crisps without having to visit the kiosk, Breadfast has all your snacks and will deliver them in minutes, just before the next meeting!

To help all these women do their miraculous roles, Breadfast is evolving each day to provide the ultimate support every woman needs, to save her time and effort and make the best of her day with the least waste of resources. Here’s to the powerful women in our lives, who show us by example what it means to be persistent, confident, and unique; we’re proud of you!

There are 100 reasons to procrastinate and give up, but those who believe see the 100 reasons that keep them moving no matter what!

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