Unpacking Fascinating Facts about Egypt’s Baladi Bread
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Unpacking Fascinating Facts about Egypt’s Baladi Bread

“Bread, like real love, took time, cultivation, strong loving hands and patience.” – Melissa Hill

Every loaf of bread has a story. A story of how it was yeasted, shaped, and baked, inspired by the soil and culture where it was born. Perhaps there is nothing quite like the story of the Egyptian baladi bread. In predynastic times, 4000 BC, Ancient Egyptians were the first to discover yeast to ferment the bread. Using yeast, flour, salt, pepper, spices, cereal grains, and emmer – an ancestor type of wheat rich in fiber – they made the first loaf of bread.

Wheat was believed to be a sacred plant that brings happiness, hope, and prosperity to Egyptian farmers and their families. The wholesome plant earned a fundamental status in the Ancient Egyptian economy as the food of both the rich and the poor. Considered the foundation of life to Ancient Egyptians, this is why we still call our baladi bread aish, life. Aish is a staple every Egyptian home cannot live without.  

Fast forward to modern times, the making of traditional Egyptian flatbread is orchestrated by skillful local Egyptian bakers that’s fascinating to watch. Huddling up around scorching hot cobblestone ovens, bakers knead a well-hydrated sticky dough and divide the dough to equally proportional pieces. They flatten each piece of loaf, and in a large wooden tray lined with bran, they lay one by one, and finally place them inside the oven.

The traditional Egyptian baladi flatbread may have transformed over the years, but one thing remains constant; no machine could automate the intricate breadmaking process crafted by local Egyptian artisan bakers. Pre-dynasty or today, nothing tops the joy of slicing a freshly baked baladi bread, watching the steam coming up, and having that first wholesome fresh bite; plain, or alongside your favorite dip. 

Breadfast’s baladi bread brings authentic taste of the old days

We at Breadfast know the value of having fresh and delicious bread every day in your house. That’s why we perfected a brand-new appetizing recipe for our baladi bread that brings back the richness and authenticity of the traditional baladi bread. Fresher, tastier, and more nutritious, Breadfast’s baladi range has 0 preservatives and an all-new premium packaging. Our Baladi bread range comes in two sizes: A pack of 5 regular-size baladi bread and a pack of 5 mini baladi bread. Enjoy a pack of our newly renovated baladi bread with all your grocery orders on Breadfast app. Order Breadfast’s baladi bread here.

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