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Product team: The Visionaries

Meet the geniuses who designed the blueprints of our startup’s app, operations, and website. Our Product team is responsible for developing and enhancing our customers’ experience on the app and designing the features that make it smoother, user friendly, and more efficient. Made up of UX UI designers, product management, and user research, this squad works together to design the path customers see on the Breadfast app, from discovery on the app store, all the way to the app experience itself. From identifying gaps that need to be resolved, coming up with solutions to automate internal operations like delivery and stocking, teaming up with tech team to build and track new app features, all the way to researching user insights, every day is different with our product squad. Collaborative, dynamic, and clever, they are Breadfast’s Visionaries, always in a problem-solving mode, and acquire dozens of skills as they go. You can count on them to turn any gaps into impactful solutions that make operations smoother and user experience more wholesome.

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