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Supply Chain: The Backstage Heroes

Supply Chain is made up of cross-functional teams that work together to run Breadfast’s entire wheel of central operations, from supply and demand planning, warehousing, procurement, production, all the way to mid and last-mile operations. Our production team handles the entire production of Breadfast’s bakeries, from scouting premium raw material, all the way to baking appetizingly fresh bread and crisp gold artisan pastries. Talented, harmonious, and creative, the production crew are Breadfast’s Joy Makers. Be it the chefs, the packing team, or the quality assurance crew, they follow a perfectly synchronized operational system, the same way an orchestra conducts a symphony. Next time you swoon over our Belgian chocolate cookie, our multigrain toast, or our fluffy croissant, remember these guys! FP Ops & Last Mile team is the operational squad behind every single order delivered to customers. FP Ops team records stock quantities from our factories, and suppliers, follows up on customers’ orders until delivery, and keeps tabs on preparation and packaging of every single order. Last Mile squad follows up on customers’ orders, provides support to delivery associates, and investigates order issues. Customer-centric, quick on their feet, and highly-spirited, FP Ops and Last Mile team are the backbone of Breadfast. Supply and demand planning is the unit responsible for forecasting our sales and making sure we strike the perfect balance between availability of goods and financial turnover. They analyze data to get accurate product forecasting, estimate products’ demand, and always make sure product availability corresponds to customers’ demand. Analytical, tactful, and foresighted, they love to solve problems, and identify strategies that drive the most growth and impact. Procurement team provides everything from supplying raw material, to equipping our team with office supplies, tech gadgets, and marketing material. They spend their day negotiating with suppliers, sourcing material for our products’ packaging, scouting for suppliers, and drafting deals and payment terms. Patient, flexible, and agile, they are Breadfast’s negotiators. We count on them to provide us with the best material possible for everything we produce.

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