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Tech: The Tech Ninjas

A gang of geeks, with solid expertise in coding, software development, and building features, this is the team that engineered the Breadfast app to success. Made up of numerous functions: Mobile, Front and Backend development, Testing, and DevOps, the tech team at Breadfast works in sync and wears many hats when needed. They code, design new features, test product updates before they go live, diagnose errors, and make sure the website is up and running. Techies at Breadfast also handle app enhancements and fixes, provide tech support on the server, and monitor new features. Bold, meticulous, and detail-oriented, they are team players who are ready to solve problems beyond their scope, and always on guard for slaying away the lurking bugs. You can count on them to bring your crazy ideas from far-fetched to reality. All they need is plugging in some Wegz tracks on Spotify and the magic starts.

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