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Keeping our Breadfast Family Safe

Coronavirus has dramatically affected our lives and the way we work. But in the midst of the adversities we all experienced during the pandemic, one of our first priorities was to ensure both our customers and team are safe at all times. We’re implementing safety measures across all our operations at Breadfast to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and make sure that every member of our family is safe, informed, protected, and virus-free. Here’s what we did:  

Breadfast Covid-19 Safety awareness
Safety awareness

The first thing we needed to do was understand what we're dealing with. From our office employees, to our delivery team, and factory workers, we informed everyone about coronavirus, its symptoms, and how we can prevent ourselves from contracting the virus. We circulated the World Health Organization’s coronavirus advisory that included measures to protect against the virus, posters to remind ourselves about the proper hygiene to be followed, and we installed hand sanitizers in our factories and offices. Elderly members of our team who have health conditions were advised to work from home until it was safe to come back to the office.

Breadfast Covid-19 Safety awareness
Health precautions for factory operations

All our workplaces, surfaces, doors, elevators, and walls are sanitized regularly. We are conducting daily temperature checks for all factory employees to make sure they are well enough to work. Our factory employees wear gloves, face masks, and hair nets. There is an alarm that goes off every hour for employees to pause operations and wash their hands. We also suspended fingerprint locks in all our facilities.

Breadfast Covid-19 Safety awareness
Safety measures for DAs

Our packing team wears face masks at all times while packing orders. Our Delivery Associates (DAs) receive orders in small groups to avoid crowding. Each DA is given a bottle of hand sanitizer that contains 70% alcohol. In addition to sanitizing their hands before and after delivery, our DAs wear face masks and are instructed to never stand too close to your doors.

Breadfast Covid-19 Safety awareness
Staying Well Together

Coronavirus has put our community, coworkers, family, and friends through health risks and prompted fear, panic, and anxiety. But it was in those unprecedented times that we learned a very valuable lesson; our people’s health and wellbeing is and will always come first. Creating an environment where both our team and customers feel safe, heard, supported, understood, and cared for has become fundamental. With compassion, mindfulness, and teamwork, we will get through uncertainties and weather the storm together. Stay safe, everyone.

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