Eid al-Adha: It’s Time to Meet and Meat!
حصري من بريدفاست

Eid al-Adha: It’s Time to Meet and Meat!

After months of social distancing, I started to realize that I didn’t miss specific outings as much as the random things, little moments, and the luxury and freedom of sharing them with my loved ones; they somehow made everything more real. 

And now that lockdown is cautiously over and most of us had a slightly bigger window to breathe, it’s the perfect time for the big break; Eid al-Adha. That’s why Breadfast is offering Eid specials of meat, rice, roqaq sheets, broken fattah bread, and all your Eid needs so we can finally “meet and meat” together! 

Speaking of Eid, one of my favorite memories is when I was eleven years old, waking up and strutting in my new blue floral Eid pajamas to the sound of Fajr prayer and my mom’s jasmine perfume taking over the kitchen while making breakfast before we all performed wudu and head to the nearby mosque for Eid prayers. I wore mom’s green silky hijab that was twice my size and stumbled over the tail of my abaya like a wobbly penguin, but when I stood there in the mosque, hand to hand, and feet to feet with hundreds of other women, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace washing all over me, utter unison.    

Eid al-Adha is all about sharing, whether it’s a plate of delicious Fattah or a bone-breaking hug, we’re all thrilled about spending some quality time with family and friends, hugging, cooking, barbecuing and sharing quarantine survival stories.

Let’s Give Back

While Eid is all about family time, its true spirit is best expressed in giving to strangers as well.  There’s a dire need for kindness nowadays, and it’s time to give back to those who need it the most- try picking a charitable cause and give away some “zakat” to make this Eid an extra special experience. It’s the social and spiritual responsibility of those of us fortunate enough to have, to give with generosity. 

Focus on What’s Important

The past months felt like groundhog day, the same day recurring over and over again, and if there’s one thing to take away from that character-building experience, one thing to tattoo on the back of our minds, it’s to cherish every passing moment, wear our hearts on your sleeves and share ourselves with our loved ones, because no matter how many jasmine perfumes you could buy, nothing will ever smell like the one your mom sprays in the kitchen.  

Breadfast wishes you a happy and love-filled Eid, let’s meet and meat!

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