A Complete Guide to Breadfast’s Private Label Products

A Complete Guide to Breadfast’s Private Label Products

It isn’t easy to find all your grocery needs in one place. Sometimes, you need that particular herb to make the perfect dish, or perhaps you’re a baker, so you love the smell of butter rubbed in flour. It could be the thrill of finding a new flavor of chips that makes your mouth water.

At Breadfast, we’re committed to providing your everyday needs. We know you’re busy, and we want to help you save time and effort by providing the products you need without having to run all over town looking for them.

1- Bakeries

Home-style baked goods made with love are a form of art that harmoniously brings together regular household ingredients to create a reservoir of sweetness and mouth-watering flavors. From Baladi and Shami, as well as toast and soft bread to feteer, croissants, mini pizzas, cookies, donuts, muffins, cakes, and brownies, all of our baked treats are produced fresh and daily within our production facilities.

2- Coffee

Breadfast Speciality Coffee is the place to go if you’re looking for rich, bold, and flavorful coffee. Our freshly brewed beans are roasted to perfection by our skilled baristas. Every roast is prepared with the utmost care, so your cup of Coffee is always perfect. Our Coffee blends featuring artisanal ‘Las Americas’ Espresso Blend, limited-edition La Fiesta’ Espresso & Filter, and ‘Filter House Blend’ have been created using only the finest ingredients to create a truly unique flavor profile that will leave you craving more!

3- Ready to eat meals

Introducing ‘Really Good by Breadfast’ , this winter, we’re taking things to the next level. Now you can have all your favorite comfort foods delivered right to your door, so you don’t have to leave the house. We’ve got everything from Chicken Pane to Hawashi, marinated Chicken Thighs to marinated Chicken FilletMozzarella SticksHotdog Rolls, and more—and it’s all ready in just minutes! Order from Breadfast Now and enjoy delicious bites of comfort food anytime during the day! make sure to check our 

4- Homecare

You can’t have a home without the essentials. And at Breadfast, we’ve got you covered. From Sway Care, Sway Home to Sway Clean, we have all of your needs covered! We’ve got dishes soap, toilet paper, fresheners, cling film, garbage bags, aluminum foil, dishwashing soap, hand soap… and more! There’s no reason not to go shopping today!

5- Snacks

We’re shaking up our snacking game! Breadfast released its all-new chocolate range, and it’s better than ever. With flavors ranging from Crispy Milk Chocolate to Honeycomb Dark Chocolate, scrumptious Oreo Milk Chocolate and more, you’ll fall in love with these chocolates in no time. And if you’re looking for a snack that will make your taste buds go wild, look no further than Breadfast Nuts & Nibbles! Our kettle-cooked chips are another delicious and hearty snack that will keep you going all day long. Try our Sea Salt, Sweet Chili and Sour Cream and Herbs flavors!

6- Protein bars

When your body needs something to help it recharge, it’s important to get a snack that’s filling and provides all the nutrients you need. Our protein bars range includes crispketohazelnut fudgehazelnut fudge protein chunkscrisp protein chunkschocolate brownie, and chocolate brownie protein chunks. Each bar offers 22 grams of protein, and only 210 calories.

7- Beverages

Juicing is a great way to get tons of vitamins and minerals into your diet. It’s also a great way to get some fruits and vegetables if you aren’t too fond of eating them. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help boost your immunity and fight off viruses, our fresh juices range includes guavaorangemangoorange, and carrot juice. So go ahead: drink up!

8- Food cupboard

It’s all in the basics! Undoubtedly, a well-stocked cupboard makes cooking easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Have you ever gotten to the end of a recipe and wished that you had a little more of this or that? Our list of pantry staples from beans and grains, oil, datesspices, sugar, flour, spreads, honey, granola, oats, and nuts will transform your everyday recipe into something extra special with more flavor. The best thing about having these ingredients in your kitchen is that they will last for months if stored correctly, so there is no need to buy them regularly!

From bread to everything else, we have it all. You are only a click of a button away from having a fully stocked house. You can even schedule deliveries, so they’re there when you need them. No more running around town wasting gas or fighting crowds at the supermarket—download Breadfast and order what you need when you need it, and we’ll have it delivered to your doorstep in minutes.


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