A Double Celebration: 4 Ways To Celebrate Easter in Ramadan
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A Double Celebration: 4 Ways To Celebrate Easter in Ramadan

This year, two special celebrations come together. Ramadan and Easter cross paths for the second time around. That means both Christians and Muslims are fasting, praying, and enjoying warm family gatherings at the very same time. Easter or Sham El Nessim is about welcoming spring and enjoying the breezy weather outdoors, while Ramadan brings family gatherings inside the house over delicious Iftar. Looking for ways to combine both celebrations together? Here’s how you can welcome Easter into Ramadan.

1. Color eggs for suhoor
The tradition of coloring eggs during spring goes back to Ancient Persia, when Iranians used to welcome ‘Nairuz’ or the birth of spring equinox by coloring eggs to symbolize fertility and rebirth. And what’s a greater way to enjoy your fast than hosting an egg coloring party?! Unleash your family’s creativity this Ramadan by inviting them for an Easter egg coloring party before Iftar, where you can draw fun shapes and patterns on boiled eggs and eat them for suhoor. To color your eggs, use colored pens, markers, food coloring, or use the traditional ways of coloring; like dying eggs in hibiscus or beetroot for red, onions for brown, and boiled spinach for green.

2. Make spring-themed katayef
Savory or sweet, katayef is one of our favorite Ramadan snacks. Welcome Easter this Ramadan by painting your katayef with the cheerful colors of spring. Use spring-themed food coloring like yellow, orange, green or add your own favorite colors.

3. Add salty fish on Iftar table
No Easter is complete without eating herring, fesikh, baladi bread, and spring onions. Celebrate Easter by adding a refreshing herring salad with lemon and tahini to your Iftar table this Ramadan. To stay hydrated and avoid feeling thirsty the next day, make sure you drink sufficient amounts of water to help your body regain its salt-to-water ratio and eat foods rich in potassium like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

4. Eat Brioche
Shaped like a braid and enveloped by colorful eggs in the middle, Brioche bread is a classic Sham El Nessim bakery that no Easter celebration is complete without. Brioche bread is perfect to have after Iftar, with a cup of tea or coffee. Enjoy Breadfast’s delicious Brioche collection this Easter! Our Brioche collection includes Brioche with Cinnamon and Sugar and Brioche with Nutella. Breadfast’s Brioche collection will be available for a limited time from Saturday April 23rd to Tuesday April 26th.

Happy Sham El Nessim!

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