Breadfast Partners with Al Nas Hospital to Save Lives
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Breadfast Partners with Al Nas Hospital to Save Lives

Saving one life is like saving the entire world. Children are the foundation stone of every society. Unfortunately, millions of children are dying worldwide for lack of access to proper treatment for treatable or preventable heart diseases in developing countries. This Ramadan, Breadfast partners with Al Nas hospital to support their noble cause of saving children with heart defects. 

‘An order that saves a heart’ is our initiative to help fund life-saving surgeries for children at Al Nas Hospital. To help our customers become an integral part of this initiative, we created ‘Ahlan Ramadan,’ a special collection available on Breadfast app featuring our range of private label Ramadan products, from yameesh, oriental desserts, and Ramadan drinks. 5% of every purchase made on ‘Ahlan Ramadan’ collection will be donated to Al Nas Hospital.

“By the people, for the people,” a concept that Al Nas Hospital, one of the largest charitable medical centers in the MENA region was built on. Established in 2019, Al Nas hospital specializes in treating children with congenital heart defects for free. Since its launch, the hospital has been working hard to achieve a noble vision; enable children with pediatric heart conditions to be treated in a medical center that provides world-class care by the best and most professional healthcare specialists. 

Al Nas aspires to reduce the number of waiting lists in the hospital and equip the facility with the latest technologies in medical equipment. The hospital succeeded in expanding its capacity from 110 beds in 2019 to 600 beds in 2022. Collaborating with numerous brands over the years to promote its services and raise funds to save more children, Al Nas Hospital is working closely with Breadfast this Ramadan to ease children’s pains.

Every time you buy and indulge in Breadfast’s konafa, Om Ali, or enjoy some of our nuts or yameesh from our ‘Ahlan Ramadan’ collection, you’ll be actively participating to save a child’s heart and draw a smile on their family’s faces.

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