Going Green: The Five Amazing Benefits of Recycling
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Going Green: The Five Amazing Benefits of Recycling

Have you ever got emotionally attached to an item of clothing that it was hard to let go, so you kept repurposing it over and over again? I know I have! 

I had this white Metallica t-shirt that made me feel incredible, and after practically living in it for a few years, the white turned yellow and it looked more like a kitchen rag than a piece of clothing. I didn’t mind, I wrapped it around my fluffiest pillow and it became my all time favorite worn out pillow case.  

However, the bigger picture behind recycling dives deeper than a sentimental connection with an item, whatever it may be. It’s an emotional connection with Earth. At Breadfast, we do our best to minimize waste by using paper bags and carton that can be recycled. But what are the benefits of recycling? 

The Benefits of Recycling


Protecting our Ecosystems and the Heart of Mother Earth
Imagine Earth as your loved one, and they tell you that your smoking clogs their lungs and triggers an asthmatic reaction. Would you continue smoking? 

Well, this is an oversimplification, of course, but you get the hint. Recycling minimizes the need for extracting, growing or harvesting new materials from Earth which translates into less air and water pollution. 

Cutting Carbon Emissions
Is this summer hotter than you’ve ever experienced? You’re not alone. Climate change is real and it’s affecting all of us, human, nature and human nature combined. Recycling, on the other hand, cuts those damaging carbon emissions because it requires less energy to process new materials. 

Creating Unique Products
You’ll probably never have two of the exact recycled materials again. The way it’s shaped, cut, designed or crafted and how you make it your own is an undeniable touch of individuality. Seeing beauty or purpose in something that’s deemed worthless or waste invigorates your creativity and increases your practical intelligence skills.  

Six Times Cheaper
According to a study in 2017, it’s six times cheaper to dispose of recycled waste compared to general refuse. How amazing is that? This is much more money saved for everyone involved. 

Save the Planet for Future Generations
We are all indebted to future generations and our role is to be aware and preserve the planet and handle it like the fragile entity it is. 

Whether you’re a minimalist or not, we could all use some more space, some less things around. 

At Breadfast, by providing paper bags and carton, we’re doing everything we can to help you recycle and leave less waste as possible. The three R’s are all you need: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reuse our Breadfast products and let’s show our gratitude to the planet. 

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