Handmade with Love
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Handmade with Love

Have you ever wondered why your yummy Breadfast bakery items sometimes show up with slightly different shapes and sizes? It’s actually because all of our bakery items are handmade, and just like with any handmade item, every loaf of bread, every delicious pastry will come out a tiny bit different. 

A Day in the Life of a Croissant

To become a croissant (or any other bakery item,) our bakers mix a set amount of flour, water, yeast, and other ingredients based on an exact formula. The ingredients are mixed at a constant speed to make sure the dough is a perfect consistency.

The dough is then cut exactly based on the dimension and weight it needs to be at. After the mix has been weighed, the dough is shaped completely by hand by our bakers. This is super important for our bakery products to look as good as they do, because it takes the hands, expertise, and skills of talented human chefs – not machines!

Our soon-to-be croissant is then taken to the brewing rooms where it sits and ferments, letting the yeast do it’s little rising magic. Each room is set to a specific temperature and humidity to achieve the best taste and texture for your bread and pastry.

Finally, when the croissant is done fermenting, it’s taken with all the other little croissants to the oven, set at the perfect temperature for them. Only with the utmost attention to detail can our little croissants achieve that beautifully buttery, flaky crust by the time it arrives on your breakfast table! 

Handmade with Love

So if your baked goods from Breadfast (or any other shop or restaurant) look a little different from time to time, don’t panic! Aside from exact controls set by the government and by ourselves, each little croissant and pastry item is bound to have its own character when they’re each handmade with love.

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