Coronavirus: Facts vs Myths
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Coronavirus: Facts vs Myths

MYTH: I’m young so I don’t need to worry about Coronavirus

FACT: People of all ages can be affected by the coronavirus. Even though older people are more at risk, young and healthy people can still die from the virus, and irresponsible behavior can be a matter of life or death for others.


MYTH: I will catch Coronavirus if I buy Chinese products

FACT: According to the World Health Organization, there is no chance of catching coronavirus from Chinese products/packages, and no evidence that anyone has ever gotten infected from a package.


MYTH: I will catch Coronavirus if I eat Chinese food

FACT: Even though the Coronavirus began in a wet market in Wuhan, there is no link to Chinese food and the Coronavirus, so you can still enjoy your favorite takeout worry-free!


MYTH: Coronavirus doesn’t affect hot and humid climates as much

FACT: Coronavirus can be transmitted in all areas, regardless of the temperature or humidity: hot or cold, warm or dry.


MYTH: Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body will kill the virus

FACT: Spraying alcohol or chlorine will not kill the viruses that are already in your body, and the substances can be harmful to your clothing and toxic for your body.


MYTH: Flu shots and vaccines can prevent the virus

FACT: Vaccines against pneumonia and the flu will not protect you against Coronavirus, but vaccination against respiratory illnesses can protect your health.


MYTH: Eating garlic will prevent the coronavirus

FACT: Garlic is healthy, but there is no evidence that eating garlic or other foods will protect you.


MYTH: There are medicines and antibiotics that can prevent or treat the Coronavirus

FACT: There are currently no recommended medicine to prevent or treat the virus. Antibiotics are useless against viral infections because they are only used to treat bacterial infections.


Stay informed. For more information and resources about the Coronavirus, please visit the World Health Organization

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